noom sirada

UX/UI Designer

Design Engineer graduate from Imperial College London.

︎ London | Bangkok
also open to remote and freelance work.


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noom sirada

UX/UI Designer • Design Engineer graduate, Imperial College London • LDN | BKK • 


Fundraiser for communities in need during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

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Apr-May 2020
UI Design | Web Design | Branding | Content Creation | Graphics Design


  • Sirada Supanwanich | Web design
  • Paris Mongkolkul | Web development
  • Chayatorn Bodhidatta | Treasurer
  • Kris Danudejsakul | Operations
  • Sananuch Kulvanich | Social Media


As students, we know of the friendly rivalries between each university. To prove who is the best, we invited all Thai university students and alumni from all over the world to compete for a good cause. Using participation numbers as the measure, the competition was open to all friends and family.

With sponsorship from the Imperial College Thai Society, we chose 3 organisations and the donations from the top 3 universities will go to the organisations their students voted for.

A leaderboard and running total was displayed on our website as donations came in.


In just over 2 weeks nearly 470,000 baht was raised.

The donation provided over 2,000 people with care packages distributed to refugees, elders, unemployed and the vulnerable throughout Thailand. Additionally, we were able to support an Imperial student-led project and manufacture 18 negative pressure chambers for hospitals handling COVID-19 patients.